How much does it cost to attend the Moma Education Admission Test?

Moma, B.C. — A $25 fee is the price of admission to the Mora School of Mines, the largest mining school in British Columbia, which will hold its second admissions test next month.

The Mora Institute of Technology is offering the admission test, a pre-registration required by the BC Department of Education, in partnership with the BC Government.

The admission test is a free public event, with students who can’t afford to pay the fee being allowed to attend as part of the program.

“We want to bring the Molla experience to the public, so the test is free for students,” said Molla’s Chief Operating Officer, Kevin P. Johnson.

More: Molla Institute of Applied Sciences (MISA) is also offering a free online registration for the Mopa School of Mining, Engineering and Technology (MOMET) which is a private, for-profit educational facility in the town of Marmots Lake.

The MOMET entrance exam costs $29.95, and includes a $25 course fee.

Moma’s entrance exam is the second for the school this year, after the Moya School of Engineering and Science accepted applications for its entrance exam in September.

Johnson says the Moka Institute of Mining is committed to giving students the best opportunity to get into the mining business and has already had a number of students pass their exams.

At the Moga School of Education in the capital of British Columbia’s Lower Mainland, students who have taken their entrance exams can take advantage of the free, pre-approved course, as well as an online registration fee.

The Moka school of engineering and science also has a $15 tuition fee.

The online registration is only for those who are currently enrolled at Moka.

The admission test will be held at the Mota Mines and Mining Training Centre on May 14 and 15.

If you need more information on admission tests or other educational programs, visit

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