How do you make the best of a bad exam?

Education Minister Paula Bennett has outlined a new set of requirements for entry to the Moma Education Entry Examination (MEET) on the Sunshine Coast.

Ms Bennett said the MEET would be administered by the NSW Department of Education and Training (DTET), which had previously issued a test which was not aligned to the new criteria.

“The MEET will be administered on the new standards that will be developed in collaboration with the Department of Health and Ageing (DHAR),” she said.

“These standards will be the most up-to-date and relevant to current enrolments in NSW.”

To be honest, it’s a bit of a mystery as to how we got the new MEET criteria from DHAR.

“Ms Bennett acknowledged the current MEET exams had been “overly rigid” in terms of the number of questions and the length of time required to complete a test.

She said the new exam would be a “more fluid, dynamic and interactive” process, allowing students to work out their knowledge of subjects they were not yet proficient in.”

This will make the MOMA MEET easier to administer and more efficient for those with a greater amount of time on hand,” she said, adding that it would also make it easier for students to complete their courses.

The MEAT exam will be conducted by the Department for the Arts, Culture, Sport and Heritage (DASC), which has already released the revised MEET in November.

Ms Benn said it was hoped that students would be able to complete the exam with “more confidence”.

Ms Bennett also announced that she had appointed Professor David Ainsworth to the WA Council for the Education of Women and Children (WA CWIC) advisory board.

The new appointment comes on the heels of Professor Ains, who was also appointed in the same month, as a former WA State Government minister.

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