How to become a better investor with BGC’s ‘Investing for All’

The International Investment Corp’s BGC, which has invested billions in the Australian mining sector, is launching a “Investing For All” fund aimed at providing a “green-growth-driven” investment option for companies looking to grow their business.

Key points:BGC has announced a fund for companies to invest in the mining sectorBGC CEO Michael Pinto said the fund would provide an opportunity for businesses to “buy into a green-growth framework”The fund will focus on the growth opportunities of the mining industry, with a focus on developing “green growth” strategiesBGC’s investment arm has been focusing on green growth in the past year, with the fund being launched on Wednesday, with Pinto saying that companies could now “buy a share of a growing green-development ecosystem”.BGC, whose shares closed at $8.45 on Thursday, said it had been looking at the growth potential of the Australian economy since the start of the financial crisis in 2008, and has focused on mining in particular.

“We have invested in the industry over the past 10 years and we have also invested in other sectors including infrastructure, health, housing, education and more,” Pinto told reporters on Thursday.

“Investors have asked us to take a long view on how to invest, and we are happy to say we have decided to invest our share in the sector.”

Pinto said companies could take a “safer and better return” from the investments they made.

“When you have a long term plan, you can buy a bigger share of something and then you can grow it into a bigger company,” he said.

“So you can have more value for your money, so we will focus more on green-grow.”‘

We’re here to help you grow your business’The BGC chief executive said the company was not “doing it to be a takeover target”, but rather to help companies understand the potential of their investments.

“If you invest in a particular company, and that company is doing something good for Australia, then you have to buy that company’s shares,” he told the ABC.

“And so if you buy into BGC and you invest into BGB, you have the opportunity to buy into that company and you can then grow it.”BGC also said that the fund could help companies “take the right decisions” about how they should invest.

“It is an opportunity to invest the capital you need to grow a business,” Pinsons said.

“So, if you invest $10,000 into a business and you’re looking to double your revenue and increase your profits, you may be better off investing in a green growth company.”

He said the money would not be used to buy a company’s assets, but rather it would be used “to help you develop the business”.

“We’re going to invest a percentage of your share capital in the business to help grow it, which will provide you with value for money,” Pintson said.’

The only way to grow is to be able to adapt’The investment fund would be launched on a three-year track, with BGB’s chief executive John Wettstein telling ABC’s 7.30 on Wednesday that the funds goal was to grow the industry.

Pinsons told the same program that “you need to adapt” to the climate and “change”.

“You need to make the right investments in the right way and adapt to it,” he added.

BGC will be releasing its own strategic plan later this year.

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