What to expect in the Australian Open finals

There’s no doubt it’s the biggest event of the year.

And with so much to go, it’s a great time to watch the games, too.

But in the final of the Australian Championship, the question is: What do you watch?

Well, if you’re like me, you’ve probably been wondering.

There’s a lot to choose from, including some pretty exciting matches.

Here are some of the highlights of the evening.

Match 1: Australia v Canada Aussies take on Canada at the Adelaide Oval in Adelaide on Friday.

If you’ve been following the tennis world closely, you might have noticed that Canada has been playing some rather well recently, and that Australia has been missing from the tournament.

The reigning world number one is in the middle of a five-set run, having won five straight games in a row.

Canada, meanwhile, is trying to bounce back from a four-set loss to the United States.

The Americans are undefeated in their last six matches.

Their only win was a tight set against Argentina in the third round.

Canada is the favorite heading into this match, with all the expectation that it will be a tight contest.

However, it was the Americans who won the first two sets.

In the third set, it looked like Canada would be in front.

But the Americans took a 3-1 lead on a break point.

The Canadians had just enough time to break and then took the first set.

In fact, the Canadians scored three runs and two break points to take the set.

But Canada went on a 5-0 run to take it into the fourth set.

The set went to the wire and Canada went up 4-3 on the break point in the seventh game of the set to tie the match.

Canada looked to be in control at the start of the ninth game, but the Americans answered with an ace to tie it.

Then, the Canadian player, Jaden Schwartz, dropped the first ace and the Canadians hit a beautiful break point to take a 6-4 lead into the tenth game.

Canada held onto that lead for most of the second set and took the set, 6-5, to win.

The only real blemish on Canada’s resume came when Schwartz dropped the ace and gave up a set break.

In his last match against Canada, Schwartz was 5-4, but he went on to drop a set to 5-3 and win.

Match 2: Australia vs New Zealand Australia’s best player in its history, Roger Federer, is the No. 2 seed in this tournament.

It was Federer who was on fire in his match against the Americans, winning five straight matches and breaking Federer’s career record for most consecutive wins.

However (and this is a big but), it was New Zealand that was on top in the first round of play.

In a game that saw the Americans take the first game, it appeared that the Kiwis would win the first.

However the second game was played in the same manner as the first, with New Zealand leading 2-1.

The Kiwis came back in the fourth game, winning 5-5.

In an interesting twist, Federer took the match off the Kiwi player, and then, the Kiwic player was replaced by former New Zealand tennis player Simon Zboril in the fifth game.

After the match, Zborit was replaced and replaced again, and it was Zborils next stop on the ATP Tour, where he played for five matches.

It looked like the Kiwies had won, but it was actually the Americans that came back and won the set in five sets.

The final set was a tiebreaker for the title, but New Zealand won in five games, 6 to 2.

It’s a tight series and the only real highlight of the day was a break in the ninth to give Australia the win.

This is probably one of the most interesting matches of the night.

Match 3: Australia VS France France and Australia are tied for the second-most points in the tournament with 13.

France, meanwhile has only one win in the last six games, dropping a match to Spain.

The French have been on a roll this week, taking out three straight matches in a week, including a match against Spain.

Australia has not played since taking on the United Kingdom at Wimbledon, but they have not lost to anyone in the ATP Finals.

They are unbeaten in their first five matches, with wins over Argentina and Italy.

France is looking for its first win since beating Croatia at the Australian National Tennis Centre on Monday.

In this game, the Australians were able to score a pair of breaks to take over in the sixth game.

However they struggled in the eighth, giving up four sets to go down 2-3.

France looked to have an early lead in the game, until Australia went on another five-break break, which ended in a 3

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