How to learn at sea: Al Jazeera’s special report

As the US prepares to launch the world’s first human-powered, autonomous ocean research vessel, some are concerned that the US could be compromising its own science.

The Pentagon has been pushing for autonomous ocean exploration since its first marine robot was launched in 2008, but some fear the government may be abandoning its own scientific goals.

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is seeking to develop autonomous underwater vehicles that can perform oceanographic research, conduct underwater research, and perform other underwater tasks.

The agency plans to begin testing autonomous underwater vehicle technology in the next year.

On the surface, the US has been a staunch proponent of autonomous exploration and has invested in ocean exploration technology, including the development of autonomous ocean robots.

The US has also contributed to the development and deployment of the Deep-Sea Research Institute (DSRI), which has focused on ocean research.

But in recent years, US research has become more aggressive, including funding the deployment of autonomous underwater robots in the Pacific and Arctic oceans, according to The Atlantic.

In addition to funding and supporting the DSCI, the Pentagon has invested more than $200 million in the Deep Ocean Research Institute, according the US Navy.

The program was launched by the US in 2009 and has trained more than 100 researchers, including a US Navy SEAL, an underwater explorer, and a roboticist.

In May, US Vice President Mike Pence announced that the Pentagon would establish the first marine research vessel to conduct underwater science in the ocean.

But the DRI is just one of the many ocean research projects that the Defense Department is pursuing.US researchers have also been developing autonomous underwater vessels and are developing new technologies to explore and study the ocean, such as “sea-sensing robots,” or robots that can swim underwater and detect changes in water levels.

In recent years the US Department of Defense has also been investing in research into ocean ecology, ocean sciences, and underwater technologies.

In 2012, the Navy began testing the technology of the Sea-Based X-ray Analyzer, or SWARX, which can measure levels of dissolved oxygen, nitrates, phosphorous, and sulfur in the water around a vessel.

The system, which was developed by the Naval Research Laboratory, has been used to determine the health of sea life and their distribution.

In April, the Department of Homeland Security began testing a new type of robot that could operate autonomously in deep water.

The autonomous system is designed to explore the depths of the oceans by using “remote sensing technology” to monitor a robot’s movements.

In 2014, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) began the development, testing, and deployment and deployment-operating of the US National Undersea Vehicle, or NUV, or underwater vehicle, which is capable of performing underwater research and operations in the deep ocean.

DARPA’s NUV has a maximum speed of around 60 kilometers per hour and can operate in shallow water, deep water, and coastal waters.

DARPMarked its autonomous underwater robot “Titan,” a 5-meter long, 3-ton, 300-pound autonomous underwater vessel.

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