How to get your students into the UK’s new university entry exam

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has announced plans to launch a nationwide university entrance exam that will be available online for students to take this summer.

The Department for Education (DfE) is launching the exam in June, following consultation with students and parents, which will take place online.

It will take a minimum of two years for students from England and Wales to apply for a degree. 

“This new exam will give parents and teachers the chance to see if their children are ready to take the exam at the time of their choosing, giving them a greater chance of success and giving them the opportunity to get the most out of the test if they’re eligible,” Ms Morgan said.

The exam will take two weeks to complete, with students taking the exam for the first time on Tuesday.

The exams will be launched in July.

Ms Morgan said the exam would be administered via a secure website, allowing the public to submit questions and upload their own test results online.

“Parents and teachers can also submit questions to the test and send them to DfE,” she said.

“We will also offer feedback through our social media channels, and in the form of an email survey.”

All of these processes will be managed by a professional and accredited third party provider to ensure that our new exams are fair, efficient and transparent.

“Ms Morgan confirmed that all applications would be screened and that students would not be asked to take any tests that had not been passed previously.”

The exam is open to anyone, regardless of their qualification, and anyone can take it.

We will make it available to all students and anyone who has completed the entry exam can take the new entrance exam,” she added.

In May, the government said it would increase the number of students who could take the exams by 40 per cent over the next four years, but it did not specify the number.

Ms Davis said the aim was to ensure students were “getting the most value for money out of their education”.”

Students who do not complete the exam will be given a credit for two years, and those who complete it in time will receive a free course in their chosen subject. “

There will be a more robust curriculum and we are going to make sure that there is a greater focus on skills, on practical learning, on getting into good jobs.”

Students who do not complete the exam will be given a credit for two years, and those who complete it in time will receive a free course in their chosen subject.

The government has also announced it will be introducing an online course to help students learn the subject.

“This is a significant increase in the number that can take part in the entrance exam and the government is making sure this process is streamlined, it is fair, it’s transparent, and it is not disadvantaging students,” Ms Davis said.

A spokesperson for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills said: “The government is introducing the first nationwide entrance exam, which we believe will provide a fairer and more effective process for all students.”

Our aim is to ensure we provide a high-quality and competitive entrance exam for all.”DBS is taking all the necessary steps to make the exam as fair and efficient as possible. 

This new entry test will be administered on the secure site we launched earlier this year, allowing for a more streamlined and transparent process.””

The DBS exam will include a rigorous course and is a great way for all schools to provide a great education.”


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