Seaworld’s entrance exam has been scrapped –

Seaworthop’s entrance examination has been cancelled after the ABC’s Education Breakfast programme asked the company to reconsider its decision.

A source close to the company told The Irish Post the decision was based on the “difficulty” of the assessment, as well as the fact that “the ABC has asked the ABC to reconsider”.

The ABC has not been able to confirm whether the company had taken the ABCs advice, but has told TheIrishPost that it “was not in a position to provide the answer at the time”.

The decision to scrap the exam was made after a request from Seaworks parent company, Australian-based parent company Anor.

The ABC asked Seawarks parent company to re-run the exam for a third time, but the test’s results were not available.

Seaworks has a long history of making changes to its entrance exams, as it has done in the past.

In 2016, it scrapped the Australian Entrance Examination and introduced an entirely new entrance examination, which was designed to make it easier for students to obtain entry to universities.

In 2019, it removed the ability to take the entrance exam, which is now administered by the Entrance Testing Organisation (ETO).

It also changed the way the test was scored, by removing the option for students who did not score well on the exam to get a certificate of “no score” instead of “good”.ABC’s “Daring, Dilettante” revealed in January that the ABC was considering the return of the entry exam.

The company has previously said it would review the entry assessment and offer an alternative one if a change was needed.ABC Education Breakfast host Sam Coates told Seaworps, “I would hope that they wouldn’t make the same decision again”.

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