Founder of Moma Education entrance to teach at UN, expand entrance

A startup entrepreneur from the United States is launching a high school entrance program in New Zealand and expanding it to Australia.

Moma Education was founded by entrepreneur Mike Zuckerman and his wife and co-founder Mary Zuckermans school-age daughter.

The family said in a statement that the Zuckers wanted to give students a chance to learn, and that they wanted to help them build a stronger foundation for success in their careers.

“Our goal is to open a school that students can go to and learn how to do things in a way that is accessible and that’s fun,” Zuckerman told Business Insider.

“So when you have a student that’s learning and they’re trying to get their feet wet and are doing it in a really interesting way, you can make that a really exciting experience for them and that will have an impact on them as they grow.”

The Zuckergams have raised $10 million from investors including Accel Partners, Benchmark Ventures, Capital Group, and others.

The Zuckernmans opened Moma in September.

The Zucks’ daughter, Lala Zuckm, said in the statement that she wanted to open up the opportunity for children to be part of something special.

“We wanted to take our daughter to a place where she could have a career, and to be a part of that, and then be a contributing member of the community,” Zookm said.

“I think that is what our mission is, and it is a dream that we all have.

We want to make it a reality.”

Read more about Moma:The Zugs will use the money raised for the Moma School for the Arts and Moma Foundation to expand the program to two schools in New South Wales and a fourth school in Victoria.

“It is our hope that by doing this, we will create a new chapter in New Zones education for our children and their future success,” the Zucks said in their statement.

“There is a lot of opportunity to do that in Newzones education.”

The Moma school in Auckland, New Zealand is also the only school in the world where students can access a video-based learning experience called the Digital Arts and Digital Science curriculum.

The school is part of the Australian government’s Digital Learning Plan and has a similar curriculum to that offered in New York City.

Mosaic also plans to offer online courses in Australia, New York, and New Zealand, but the Zussers say they are focused on expanding the program in Australia.

The MOMA Education program is free to enrol, but Zuckums and Zuckmann said the family is aiming to make the program accessible to all New Zealanders.

“This is something that we feel is so important to the Australian education system, and we really feel that we are going to be able to do it,” Zukermans said.

Mora education is already in operation in Sydney and Melbourne, where it has been open for about five years.

The program is one of many programs offered at New Zealand schools, including the New Zealand Schools Program and the New Zonal Schools Program.

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