School to offer more STEM courses for high school students

Bgsy Education, a Washington public school that serves students in grades kindergarten through 12, is making more STEM classes available for high-schoolers, including classes in computer programming, data visualization, engineering and science, according to the school’s principal.

“We are trying to do more of our classes in STEM areas to make it more relevant for our high school graduates, which are our most in demand students,” said Becky A. Langer, principal of Bgsh Elementary School.

Students who are interested in STEM courses are encouraged to apply to a program at the school.

“This program has been in the works for a while, and it is one of the most popular programs,” said Langer.

Students at Bgsch have the opportunity to take computer programming and programming language courses at a nearby school.

Langers said the school has had success attracting students from other schools who want to take the courses.

“They want to be able to use that as a stepping stone,” she said.

“So we are going to offer them more than just a computer science or computer science and math course.

They are going into the programming and science area, and we are offering them more programming and data visualization courses.”

For the upcoming year, Bgsc will also offer courses in engineering and mathematics, as well as in science and technology.

Bgsh’s students are also able to take a programming language class at a school that has not offered such courses before.

Langer said the program was originally conceived for Bgcs students who are not interested in taking math classes at the same time they are taking science and tech classes.

“At the beginning, we were very much trying to create an environment for them to develop a STEM-based approach to their education, and one of our primary goals was to make sure that we were giving them a strong foundation in programming and computer science to continue to build their skills,” she explained.

“It has been really great to see the interest and the passion for this program from students who were already interested in science or math at Bsc, and now are getting to know STEM more,” she added.

Langers said she hopes that the Bgsu high school program will continue to expand and become more popular in the future.

“As our students get older, we want to give them the best education possible, so I really do hope that we can keep this program going,” she continued.

“It has definitely been a wonderful experience for me to be part of this program and I would love to see it continue to grow.”

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