How to use your smartphone to take a selfie

In an attempt to get some selfies, we’ve set up a guide to how to take one, and it’s all down to one word: Selfie.

We’ve put together a short video to show you how to capture a selfie with your smartphone.

It all starts with your phone.

You need a camera that’s fast, light and will work with all of your phones.

It’s also important that you choose one that you can comfortably take with you.

Before you start taking pictures, we’ll walk you through the basics of taking a selfie.

In the first image, you’re taking a picture of yourself with your mobile phone, but you’re not using the camera on your phone for this purpose.

Instead, you can switch to the camera’s zoom mode, which can be accessed by swiping up or down from the top of the screen.

The camera on the phone will automatically zoom in on the centre of your face, giving you a closer view.

The zoom feature will also make it easier to take the picture.

The app will then show you the full resolution of your image.

In this example, you’ve captured the centre, which is at the top left of the image.

You’ll see a blue circle with a circle of light.

You can also click on the circle to make it bigger.

This gives you a better view of your background, as well as allowing you to adjust the size of the circle.

The zoom mode can be set to zoom in or out.

You may also choose to take another picture of your subject, to capture the background.

Once you’ve taken the next picture, you’ll have to tap on the camera to zoom back in.

You’ll then need to use the app to select the appropriate size circle to capture.

You can either swipe the circle left or right from the bottom of the phone screen to change the size, as shown below.

This will bring up the camera settings, where you can adjust the zoom mode to take an image with a different aperture, such as f/2.0.

This means that the image will be taken in a wider aperture.

You won’t need to worry about adjusting the exposure, as this is done automatically by the app.

We also have a guide for using your phone’s zoom feature, which will help you to take better selfies.

You also need to adjust your settings on your smartphone, such a setting for white balance, exposure and contrast.

Here are the settings you’ll need to select for the camera:If you have a phone with a zoom feature you can use it to get a good shot.

You should always take a photo with your lens aimed straight ahead.

We suggest that you aim the lens at the centre and not at the edges of the frame, as the lens will distort the image in the centre.

You will want to aim the camera at the image you want to capture in the middle of the picture, or at the center of the photo if you want it to be sharp.

The other key feature of a zoom is focus.

We’ve found that taking a shot at the middle or centre of the body helps the picture pop out better.

This means that you’ll want to focus the lens on your subject.

We recommend aiming your lens at where your subject is looking directly at you.

We have a quick guide for focusing your phone, which shows you how the camera should aim the focus of your smartphone lens.

This also helps you to focus on the person you want the photo to be of.

We advise using the lens closest to the subject to focus your lens on, as it will allow the camera image to appear more realistic.

You want the lens to be as far away as possible from your subject from any angle, so if you are using a phone that has a zoom lens, you need to aim it at the subject’s body, as far as possible.

We hope you’ve found this video helpful, as we’d love to see more people taking better selfies with their smartphones.

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