“You are a genius! You are a star!” – The Walking Dead actor and actress talks about her new role

In a time of constant change, it’s difficult to find a constant connection with the characters you love.

It’s easy to want to be a part of them, but in many cases, the characters themselves are what keep us going.

For actors and actresses alike, the importance of maintaining a strong connection to the characters they love, whether they’re their parents, their closest friends, or the people who have helped them grow in their careers.

In an interview with IGN, “The Walking Dead” star and actress Morgan McMichaels talks about why she’s staying true to her character, why she feels a connection to her parents, and what it was like to go from being a star in the zombie apocalypse to a major Hollywood actor.

Check out the interview below:It was hard for me to be away from my family, I’m still trying to get over the grief that I went through.

I’ve been through a lot.

But I’m getting over it.

I have my dad, I have all my friends and they’re still really supportive of me.

I’m proud of who I am and I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with such amazing people.

They made me a better person, and it was such an incredible privilege to work on a show that’s so rooted in the reality of our time.

I always look at myself as a writer, and I know how important it is to keep the writing and the stories real and moving.

And to keep a connection with people.

There’s a lot of time when I’m away from home, and when I see my friends, and the people I know, it brings me a lot closer.

I think about the people in my life.

It was really tough.

I didn’t have a lot, I don’t have my friends or family, so it was tough for me, but it was great.

It gave me the freedom to be out there and express myself.

It took a lot out of me to not be with my friends.

I was able to be more independent.

I could do whatever I wanted, which was great, because I was a little bit out of shape.

But that’s kind of why I did it, to get out there, and see what life was like.

You’re not allowed to do that.

I think of the people you love and the characters.

If you’re not in the moment, you don’t really get to know them, so that was a great thing to get to see.

I feel like the people are my life and the character is my life, so I want to share that with people and make sure that I can be who I want them to be and what I want for them.

I can’t do it forever, but I’m definitely going to keep trying to do the things that I love to do.

I feel like I was so lucky, it really was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, to be honest.

I got to go through it and I had a really hard time adjusting to it, and so it wasn’t a natural transition, but that’s okay.

It definitely was a struggle.

I remember being in the hospital and having a really bad cold that was really hard to handle.

But to be able to go out there with my father and get out of there alive, and just go to the next set, and that was the most beautiful feeling, and you can’t imagine being out there.

You can’t even imagine it.

But it was a really, really, amazing feeling, for sure.

I love the cast, the people.

I love the whole cast.

I mean, I love Morgan, she’s amazing.

She’s just such a talented actor, and a great actress, too.

I don ‘t know how to describe it, because she’s so talented and so smart.

I had to work really hard on it.

When I was filming, I had some really hard times, but she was like, “I’m in the middle of a big battle.”

And I was like “Oh my God, you’re in a fight with a guy.

It ‘s not a big fight.”

So I just kind of held it together and kept going.

I did have a rough day, I did get sick and cold, but overall, I felt good.

It’s very difficult to go on the road.

I like to have a plan.

I try to be as prepared as possible for what I have to do in a given day, and how I’m going to spend my time and what time I have.

But for the most part, I just feel that it’s really nice to be here, to have these people that I’m really fortunate to work for.

We all work so hard and I’m sure they’re excited to have me on the show, because

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