Which school will have the best grades?

Education officials in Washington state are scrambling to keep up with a steady stream of high-stakes standardized tests.

Some schools have shut down entirely, and more are set to take their place in coming weeks.

Here’s a look at what’s at stake.

The Washington state legislature is expected to approve legislation that would give schools more flexibility to deal with the onslaught of test-taking.

The new law would allow school districts to adjust their curriculums and teach some students the test in-person.

The move is designed to make sure schools have enough time to teach students to take the test.

The state’s Department of Education has said it’s prepared to accept the new measure, which would make it easier for schools to teach test-takers.

But state Sen. Jeff Hadley, a Republican who represents the district where his son attended a public school in the mid-2000s, said in a statement Tuesday that the bill would be “a major step backward.”

He said the bill will also allow schools to send more students to the state’s high-school graduation.

Hadley has proposed a bill that would require schools to accept test-taker applications.

But the bill has yet to receive a hearing.

Hadley said the state needs more flexibility.

He said that if states are allowed to decide how to handle this kind of change, “it will only be a matter of time before these schools close.”

Hadley told The Washington Times in an interview that the measure could have a big impact on the state.

The school district he attended in the 2000s closed because of the crisis, and it hasn’t reopened since.

Hadleys son is in college now, and the district has lost its accreditation.

The state’s Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction is responsible for overseeing all districts.

Hadleys spokesman said Tuesday that his son is studying in a private school in Washington, and that he doesn’t think it will affect his graduation rates.

But he said he thinks the bill could affect other schools, too.

The bill’s fate is likely to be decided in mid-June.

The Education Department says it expects to take up the legislation in the legislature, which is scheduled to convene in mid July.

A bill sponsored by Hadley would give school districts the option to provide a test in person, rather than through a system similar to the one the state used to handle its high-risk school students in the 1980s.

Schools in the district of Columbia in northeast Washington say that they have no plans to send students to a test.

“We’re not going to let that happen,” said district Superintendent Scott Stover.

He added that schools have taken some steps to address the crisis.

“I think the public has seen enough,” he said.

“We are going to continue to work with our district partners, including our students, and we will continue to teach our students.”

The Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights is also investigating whether school districts are meeting their obligations to address rising test-prep costs.

The department has asked schools to submit a plan for how they would make sure students in their districts could access the test, and for schools with high test-preparation rates to make certain that students who are low-income are enrolled in school.

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