Which country will be the first to have a school dedicated to the Founders?

A new school dedicated solely to the founders of the US, Canada and Australia will be opened next year in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

Founders Education was founded by philanthropist John P. Mitchell in 2014, and aims to teach the “founders” of Australia, New Zealand and the US.

Founders Education, an independent foundation, has a total of $1.2bn in funding.

The new school will be located at a property on a plot of land owned by Mitchell’s philanthropic partner, Mr and Mrs Prahran, who have also invested in Australian businesses.

Foundists Education will have an initial class of 12 to 12.5 students, and will increase to 12 to 15 students by 2021.

Founding partners will be named on the school’s website and the foundation will be a registered charity, according to its website.

“The founders of Australia are a great example of what a successful and self-sustaining society can look like,” said Prahraman in a statement.

“These founding generations created the foundations that underpin our nation, and for the first time in our nation’s history we will have a dedicated, inclusive and self sufficient school dedicated entirely to them.”

Founders education is expected to be fully operational by 2021, and is expected be the most advanced educational institution in Australia.

The philanthropic group also plans to open a second branch in New Zealand, which is already home to a school devoted to the founding families of the country.

Foundations Education is the second of several new schools set to open next year.

In December, it opened the first school in the US at a site in San Jose, California, the first for a private institution.

The first new school opened in 2017 in the Netherlands.

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