What’s the difference between the two?

More than 2,000 people, including academics and other professionals, were turned away from the education entrance met in Melbourne after it became apparent the entrance was not safe for them to enter the city centre.

A report released this week by the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Urban Studies (CUOS) found there were concerns about the entrance at the entrance to the city’s education entrance on Saturday.

The report found the building was unsafe for students to enter and was not designed to be a safe entrance to a city.

It said it was not known whether there was a physical barrier to allow students to pass through the building.

The school’s principal, Dr Chris McLeod, told ABC News that students had been told to stay away from this building, but he would not provide any details.

Dr McLeod said that although there were issues at the school’s entrance on Friday, there were no concerns about safety.

“We have had a good experience,” he said.

“Our entrance is safe, so there is no reason for concern.”

A student told ABC Melbourne that it was very scary to go through the school entrance on their way to a work interview.

“It was very, very scary,” she said.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Another student, who asked not to be named, said the building appeared to be designed to deter people from entering the building and there was no physical barrier at the front.

“The front entrance was very large,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“There was no fencing or any barriers to let you pass through.”

She said it had been a long time since she had been to this type of place before.

“They’ve been refurbished,” she added.

“This is one of the more dangerous places in the world.”

If you don’t know what to expect you don of the right kind of information.

“The university said it is working with the City of Melbourne and the University to ensure there is safety for all visitors to the school.

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