First graders from Biddeford School have the most educational entry points in the state

A group of Biddecords in South Biddeck have set up an online portal where parents can get their kids enrolled in their high school.

The Biddeville Independent School District launched the portal last year, and the district says it now has more than 10,000 entries from all over the state.

In 2016, the Biddepost launched the BID Education Entry Portal, and since then, there have been more than 8,000 entry points.

“Our students are always in the front of the pack in terms of their academic performance,” said Biddeguy School District Board member and president of the Bid Educational Entry Portal Jennifer Waggoner.

According to Waggoni, the portal is not just for parents, but for anyone interested in attending a Biddefford school.

“We’re seeing that a lot of our parents are looking for entry points to schools they might otherwise not be able to attend,” she said.

Biddefords schools are ranked among the best in the United States.

The district boasts some of the highest graduation rates in the county.

“Biddeckerts students are in the top 25 percent of their school districts nationwide,” Waggone said.

“They are very well prepared for their high schools, and their academics are extremely high.”

Students in the Bids high school graduation program can be eligible for a variety of scholarships and grants, including the National Education Grant.

They can also get discounts on college tuition, free tutoring, and other financial aid.

Waggoner says she hopes the portal will help parents find a high school that they can live in while still attending school. 

“We hope it will help them see the benefits of having the school in their town, whether it’s for financial aid or a scholarship,” she added.

“I hope this will help a lot more parents who are looking to enroll their children in Biddeben schools,” she continued.

We encourage anyone with questions or concerns about the BIDS Education Entry portal to contact the district at 910-847-3919. 

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